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The Skin Gun developed by Gerlach

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  • The Skin Gun developed by Jörg C. Gerlach. Since the video is blocked in some countries I re-uploaded this so others could see. Enjoy! This is not unusual when new groundbreaking technology suddenly sweeps in. Do a couple of quick searches and you'll see many articles on this. I see absolutely no point in Nat Geo defiling their credibility by showing this video on their channel if it were fake. There is no marketing incentive, or tie-in here. In other words...stop being ridiculously skeptical just because you can't believe it. This is technology people. If you showed someone an HD camera 300 years ago they'd be just as much in disbelief. What we perceive as unthinkable now may come to be re...
  • Tags: the, skin, gun, national, geographic, Jörg, C., Gerlach, nat, geo, burns, healed
  • Views: (1393)   Duration: (00:03:27)   Category: Education   Uploaded: 08-12-12
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