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KJ-Rias - Panic At The Disco - Memories (Drum Cover)

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  • Drum Cover (Stay tuned after the song for a link to the related drum lesson) PANIC! At The Disco - Memories From the 2011 album Vices & Virtues is the copyrighted property of it's owner(s) Drum Cover by KJ Rias This is my percussive commentary on the Panic At The Disco song, Memories. This is used in practice of fair use. The remix is tranformative, the original creator(s) are credited in the video and the description, and this video is for educational purposes.
  • Tags: drum, covers, panic, at, the, disco, panic, at, the, disco, memories, drum, cover, online, drummer, drum, solo
  • Views: (1246)   Duration: (00:03:47)   Category: Music   Uploaded: 06-02-12
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