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Bugatti Veryon High Speed Runs x7 225 mph

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  • Bugatti Veyron on Seven 215-225mph Runs. Multiple flyby views/angles. Car kept in handling mode (not top speed mode) due to uneven surface of the road used. Due to its 26 gallon tank and its incredible fuel efficiency at normal speeds (80mph), the car was driven down to the border and back, without the need to refuel or the use of a carrier. On the way back from from the border, returning through AZ, an officer stopped the car to take a look at it. No citations given since the car was driven at 80mph where at that speed it gets great gas mileage (about 17mpg highway). About 12 gallons was burned on the 7 speed runs.
  • Tags: Bugatti, Veyron, Bugatti, Veryon, Top, Speed, Bugatti, Automobiles, 225mph
  • Views: (2793)   Duration: (00:03:20)   Category: Autos - Vehicles   Uploaded: 02-08-12
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