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Fastest Lap Ever Around Bathurst Mt Panorama

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  • October can only mean one thing and that is V8 Super Cars flying around Bathurst Mt Panorama. A bit of trivia for you...Guess who has the fastest time around this iconic racing track?. Yep Jensen Button with the help of his Vodafone F1 McClaren. Take a front spoiler view of the fastest ever timed lap around Buthurst in one of the worlds fastest cars with x World F1 champ Jensen Button. Actually Craig Lowndes was also on hand at this Vodofone promo day at the legendary Mt. Panorama when both Lowndes and Button changed cars and did a hot lap in their respective cars. Too Craig Lowndes credit he surprised everyone by returning a more than respectable time around the mountain circuit of Bathu...
  • Tags: Bathurst, Darrell, Waltrip, Mt, Panarama, Bathurst, 1000, Fastest, Lap, Ever
  • Views: (1981)   Duration: (00:02:08)   Category: Sports   Uploaded: 10-27-11
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