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United Airlines And TWA Collide Over Staten Island 1960

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  • The 1960 New York air disaster was a collision on December 16, 1960, between two airliners over Staten Island, New York City, New York, United States, in which one plane crashed into Staten Island and the other into Park Slope, a Brooklyn neighborhood. The crash killed all 84 people aboard Flight 826, 44 on Flight 266 and six people on the ground.The two aircraft collided in mid-air in heavy cloud a mile west of Miller Field, a military airfield on Staten Island, at 10:33 a.m. Eastern Time. Weather conditions at the time were light rain and fog (which had been preceded by a snowfall).According to information from the flight 826's flight recorder (the first time a "black box" had been use...
  • Tags: United, Airlines, TWA, Collide, Over, Staten, Island, New, York, 1960, SA-361, 826, Mainliner, Will, Rogers, Flight, 266, Douglas, DC-8, airboyd, plane, crash, 1960
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