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Julianne Hough - Is That So Wrong (Official Music Video)

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is there anyway i can download this video for me


if i had her body, i'd be naked as much as possible. if i could dance like her, i'd be naked and dancing as much as possible. so really, people need to stop being jealous because they don't have what she has. this isn't as bad as other music videos...the only difference is that she's hotter than the others and her genre of music is more conservative. i've lost my point somewhere. ok, the point is, she's so damn hot people should just enjoy it.

i honestly dont think its that bad. you see wayyyyy worst videos these days. its not like she naked, she still has her clothes on. and in my opinion and im sure many others, she can dance. its not wrong for her to show how talented she is...both singing and dancing. Great video!

What a Ho...I meant Hough LOL..(seriously didn't she ever go to school especially with a surname like that???!!!)

There is NOT enough Cold water for the Shower I need, Whew, WOW!

There is NOT enough Cold water for the Shower I need, Whew, WOW!

you will probably need a cold shower after you watch this video!
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