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Miley Cyrus Smoking a Bong Video

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never really liked her music but this vid has given me a hole new view on her. damn this is badass. miley will you smoke a blunt with me

Everyone needs to leave Miley alone. Just because kids want her to continue Hannah Montana, doesn't mean she wants to do it anymore. She's growing up. She's old enough to make her own decisions and marijuana isn't bad at all compared to the other drugs out there. I don't like her music or anything, but she's an adult now, making her life the way she wants it. Leave her alone.

oh boo hoo. So a girl who made her life and has lived under the pressure of stardom wants to let loose and actually live her life. Yes, I understand that's what she choose when she became a music star but the disney corp makes people into people they dont wanna be, even tho she owes who she is to them. I don't see anything wrong with her smoking, and it's her life. She's a made woman and she old enough to make her own choices and choose to do whatever she wants to do. Weed shouldn't even be illegal anyways, and it's a pointless drug to make illegal. Let me guess, alcohol is SOOO much better than weed? Half these teen celebrities going out and getting smashed and doing all that is MUCH better than Miley sitting around getting high with friends. Give me a break! She's a made woman, she's awesome and even tho I don't care for her music, I still respect who she is and think that she can make her own choices.

her laugh gets on my nerves....and she is so stupid. i use to like her and now she is a bad role model to kids. i have a little sister that use to look up to her and now ever since miley changed my sister doesn't even want to hear her name or watch hannah montana anymore. nice going miley. your a real bad ass. just kidding your not. and I'm 15 years old and i use to like her but now hell to the no she is a fucking bitch and needs some help and maybe her parents should tear her ass up and lock her in her room for a couple of days no cell phone, tv, boyfriend, computer, nothing, just air and food. she needs to go to rehab and stop acting like the world is about her and realize that their are still little kids out there that want her back.

thats a tight ass bong!i wanna know where i can get one

I`ve watched a few of my friends smoke salvia and they acted exactly like this. It gives a "tripping" effect. You may see and hear things that are not there or do things you usually woulnd`t. Depending on the strength it usually last no longer than 5 mins. per hit. So I def. believe that`s what it was.
Saliva is only legal in most places sold as an "incense". Which you are supposed to light and let burn and not ingest. Smoking it is not legal and you can be charged if caught in the act,at least in my state. It`s easy for people to get, and easy for people to get messed up on.

i think i would love to be her best friend just so we can get together ,shes adorable and so what if she did that she'll learn the hard way ,you guys are too judgemental.its nice to see shes a normal teen ,not every one is supposed to be a saint you know

Im Mileys BIGGEST Fan. the first time i watched this i was pretty upset but now i burst out lauthing at it! haha it so funny, atleast miley does stuff whats legal! haha loveyoumiles

Plus it's legal.

Yes, she's old enough to make her decisions, but thousands of young girls look up to her as an 'inspiration' and a 'role model' . And then they would want to do the things that she does. But it is her life. If she wants to mess up her career then she can.
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