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Fake Fans

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  • See weak niggas in the game get they checks and stash it.While hood niggas in the game hit the streets and they cash it.I C U C the nikes bounce but don't wear um to catch me.It's not the kicks nigga I'm just quicker than Cacius.Fastest. Make Arm Strong think that he's draggin molasses.Back to the finish line beforeyour girl unfastens.Fashion is never right cause I'm present before the past is what the past is.My lyrics are hot? No fiya at worst.I leave yo unfastened girl wet while she obeys her thirst for my better days.But naw, I haven't had any lately. I hardly even sleep at night cause my grind is amazing.You thinking' bout writtin' rhymes but I've alr...
  • Tags: Fake, Fans, Fake, Fans, Rap, Hip, Hop, Lyrics, Lyricism, Poetry
  • Views: (2627)   Duration: (00:00:40)   Category: Music   Uploaded: 12-03-10
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