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chromatic BLaCK 'Alright (cos nothing is alright)'

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  • - watch it loud ! watch it big -4101 pixxx to one musicvideo! this is the latest video from chromatic BLaCKagain by the singer of the band danielRmueller ( . he took over 30 000 pictures to generate this piece of music visualization! chromatic BLaCK (pre. RiffRaff whatever) is not a conventional band, but represents a master plan of music, performance and visual aspects. The creative mind and Graduate Designer daniel R mueller designs and realizes artwork, fotos and videos in DIY-tradition. The passion for art, culture and music, the rejection of any cliche and a excessive lifestyle generats cla...
  • Tags: RiffRaff, whatever, chromatic, Black
  • Views: (2304)   Duration: (00:04:33)   Category: Music   Uploaded: 09-23-10
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