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Musician/singer Dino Walcott and Friends - Hi Linda

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  • Artist / Dino and friends . This is Dmusillusionistical Jazzfunk. Dino Walcottbass/ Willy 'spaceman' Latino keyboards /Lloyd 'brochens koek' Tjondrums/ Michael 'vals' Samson guitar. Dino recorded, did television, sessions and toured all over Europe with performers like guitarplayer Jan Akkerman, bluessinger/guitarplayer Sherman Robertson (Clifton Chenier and Paul Simon) blueslegend Big Jack Johnson, singer Van Morrison, singer Kaz Lux (Brainbox), guitarplayer Ad van de Berg (White Snake), trumpet player Philip Harper (Harper Brother and Art Blakey), drummer Killer Ray Appleton (John Coltrane and Wes Montgomery), Darryl Jones (The Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, Sting and Andy Summer) pianoplaye...
  • Tags: Jazzfunk, /Dino, Walcott, /Pete, Depoe, /Leo, Bennink, /Midnite, Gypsies, /Bassguitar/Bone-red
  • Views: (6842)   Duration: (00:02:14)   Category: Music   Uploaded: 09-19-10
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