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Trey Songz - Yo Side Of The Bed

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  • Here Is The Absolutaly AMAZING Video For Trey Songz Latest Song ‘Yo Side Of The Bed’. The Video, Which Stars Keri Hilson As His Wife And His Daughters Mother, Starts With Them Both Being Asked How Long Hey Had Ben Together Which Trey Replys With “Well, If You Count The Time It Took To Get Her To Go On A Date With Me…., Three Years And Seven Or Eight Months.”. The Video Then Shows How They First Met, Then Flashes Back To The Present Time Where They Have Got Married And Had A Daughter. You Are Then Shown A Picture Of The Two Of Them And Then A Picture Of Hilson….The Camera Pans Across Their Home Showing Them In Lying In Bed Together, Spotting Photos From Their Time Together On Th...
  • Tags: Trey, Songz, official, video, you, side, of, the, bed, Keri, Hilson
  • Views: (11077)   Duration: (00:04:50)   Category: Music   Uploaded: 05-27-10
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